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A brand born out of Lockdown, taking inspiration from the iconic New York bagel and bringing it right to your doorstep in Newcastle. Dot offers something new to our local food scene with handmade bagels packed with mouth-watering fillings.


Revived by the team at Kennedy & Rhind, Dot Bagels is back at its well known site on Chillingham Road in Heaton, which also includes the re-employment of our staff serving up Real Good Bagels!


We are delighted to be offering a range of baked goods from Kennedy & Rhind along with a range of hot and cold drinks with our brand new coffee machine, creating the perfect collaborative experience for our customers to enjoy a sweet treat with our bagels.



All of our bagels are handmade daily, in small batches by our production team at our Chillingham Road shop in Heaton. The whole process takes over 24 hours! Without giving away too many secrets.. our dough is made using fresh yeast and slowly brought together. The flavours are then added, the dough is balled and then set to rest overnight. Once ready.. they are hole’d, boiled and baked until perfectly blistered!

We take care in our process and love changing people’s perceptions on bagels, with most customers not realising how good fresh bagels can taste.





Dot Bagels on Chillingham Road
250 Chillingham Road,
Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

Monday - Sunday 8am to 3pm

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Nina D - Turn it In

" Dot Bagels are phenomenal and now an office must! The team have (politely) demanded that we have bagels on a regular basis; we therefore have 'Bagel Thursday' the second Thursday of the month, and you can be sure that the office is full on this particular day! The bagels are superb and the customer service provided by Sarah M and her team is outstanding. The Key to being a successful Executive Assistant is to have a solid set of suppliers to help you make things happen - Dot Bagels is at the top of that list :) "

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