Will my selected doctor solve my medical issue?

Our doctors will give you the required medical opinion after diagnosis of your health issue. This will help you identify next steps which may include prescription or diagnostics tests or an advise

Will I get a valid prescription?

You will either get a prescription or suggestion for diagnostics tests or an advice from our doctors.

Do I get a refund incase of no consultation?

If you don’t get a response from the doctor , you are entitled for a 100% refund. Just drop a mail to and your refund will be processed.

Is the consultation secure?

All your medical history & online consultation done on Whitefield doctors is completely private & secure

What if I don't get any response from the doctor?

You are assured to get a response from your preferred doctor. In the unlikely case where you don't get a response, we will refund the money, no questions asked!

What if I had to upload few reports asked by the doctor?

You can attache the report with the requested doctors name and send an email to

If I don't understand the dosage or medicine name, can I consult the doctor again?

You are entitled for a free clarification with your preferred doctor.